The past couple of days at Tara Hall have been truly eventful. I just finished reflecting with my group, and we all agreed on the fact that we’re really surprised about everything that we’ve experienced with the boys thus far!

Tara Hall is a long term residential home that takes in boys who have been abused, neglected, or have serious behavioral issues. The boys live and receive their education at Tara Hall. Our mission for the week is to give the kids a week of fun and also provide a positive image for them to look up to.

Sometimes, I can’t even imagine that these boys would have issues so serious that they need to be here. These kids are some of the sweetest, funniest boys that you could ever meet! The boys are beyond excited that we are here. From the minute we came in, they latched on to us as if they had known us forever! Some of them have even developed the cutest, innocent crushes on us–writing sweet little love notes, similar to something we would’ve gotten in middle school!

Today, me and some of my participants had the opportunity to learn how to play the Dulcimer with the kids. Mr. Ron, their instructor, comes in regularly to teach the boys how to play this peculiar string instrument. It was really cool to see how talented the kids were with the Dulcimer. I was especially observant of Mr. Ron and the way that he instructed the children with such care. This made me think about the entire staff at Tara Hall and how they completely dedicate themselves to these boys. It’s so inspiring to see people who truly care, and who commit their lives to making a positive impact on children who need it the most.

- Janmarie Pena

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