Today was the second to last day in D.C. as well as volunteering at Food and Friends. It is hard to take in the fact that this whole experience is coming to an end. Meeting new people, being able to help people with life threatening illnesses as well as enjoying the free time to tour D.C. for the first time.
At Food and Friends, our group was able to work in the kitchen. We portioned food and made entrees for their clients. We were able to meet the Executove Chef, Oscar and the Head Pastry Chef, Tim. It was really amazing to hear thier stories about how they have bcome a big part of the Food and Freinds family and what this non-profit means to them. Oscar expessed to us how he wanted everything to be as perfect as possible because we  want them to keep thier dignity and we truley do not know if the meal we are preparing for them will be their last. When he said that, it made me realize how important everything is, even if it is something as little as making sure the soup bowls look nice.
We did find time to visit the Botanical Gardens as well as the Natural History Museum. Unfortunately I have never been to the Botanical Gardens at USF, but going to the one in D.C. makes me want to visit ours. For the museum, my main goal was to see the Hope Diamond. Although the room was croweded, I was able to get all the way to the glass to be able to snap a shot of this priceless piece of jewelry that is a symbol of hope.
So every night we try to go to a new restaurant to try new foods. Tonight we actually found an Ethiopian Restuarant called EteEte. At this type of setting, your hands are your utensils. We all ordered all different things, and decided to be a loving group and share and taste each others food. It was very delicious and now I will be on the look out for one like it in Tampa.
I am so excited and grateful that I was chosen to go on this trip. I have met so many great people and I am happy that I was able to make a difference during our Spring Break. I hope I will be able to do another trip next year and continue to be exposed to the same experience and friendli-like people that I did in Washington, D.C. :)
- Jalyssa

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