It felt like just yesterday that we learned what this organization was all about, but by Friday, our last day, we felt that we had developed a connection with the staff at Food and Friends.  Whether we were stuffing envelopes or sealing frozen meals, each member of our group felt appreciated.  Through our work this week is was apparent that Food and Friends developed significantly over its 22 years and knowing how to support its volunteers was a large part of that development.  Achieving a balance between accomplishing the organization’s mission and supporting volunteers is very difficult, but Food and Friends did this flawlessly.  The staff’s appreciation for volunteers and system for organizing volunteer tasks ensured that we would have a great experience as well as share in their mission to provide the best service for their clients.

I am proud of our group for working hard and being open to new experiences this week.  We took in quite a bit in six days, but each of us learned something new about ourselves, our nation’s capitol, and providing meals for those in need.  While some can’t wait to get back to their cars, others can’t wait to move to a large city.  All of us have certainly experienced enough cupcakes and frozen yogurt to last us awhile (or at least a couple days).  I am sure that our group will always remember this trip.  Thank you Ruth and Caitlyn for being awesome site leaders.  Brittany, Collette, Devon, Jalyssa, Mitzy, and Sandra, thank you for devoting your spring break to service and for all the memories!

~Angela, Graduate Advisor

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